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being family faithful

Ever wished that helping your children find faith was as simple as flicking a switch. Unfortunately there are no simple solutions and no guarantees. Parents will not be judged on whether their children have faith but whether they have been faithful with them. But what might it mean for you to be faithful with your children?

Family faithfulness is measured by what we do rather than by what we say.  Worldwide research shows that children who experience the Christian faith lived out in the home are much more likely to grow into faith filled people.

So what things can you do to be faithful with your children and nurture their faith life at home?
There are four areas of importance:

1.       Story

This includes reading and discussing scripture, sharing personal faith stories, and hearing about the faith lives of those who have gone before. Story is more than just hearing it, is the reality of living it, sharing it and celebrating it.

2.       Prayer and Celebration

Essentially this means living out the Christian life and story overtly in the home and includes learning about and experiencing prayer, celebrating the story of salvation throughout the year  and integrating the disciplines of the Christian faith into your family life.

3.       Service

Often the deepest learning comes about through practical hands on experience. A wonderful way for your family to grow and learn is through serving the church and community together.

4.       Family Closeness

Close and caring families do not just happen; they are created intentionally. Building family closeness mean setting aside time and energy to work and play at being family together.

None of these things are hard to do, but they do need someone to make them happen. Maybe that person is you! But where to begin?

Right here!

Each week Faithful Families will provide resources to help you to do these four things in your home and to be more faithful with your family. There will also be other bits of helpful info along the way.

We hope these resources are a blessing to your family.

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