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Family resources leading to Sunday 7th June 2020

Trinity Sunday – Year A

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies ~Mother Teresa

Family Closeness


Face Pass

Sit so you can all see each other. Make a strange or funny face and turn to a member of your family. The person you turned to carefully copies your face, then slowly changes his or her expression to make a new face which s/he passes on to someone else.


These questions are to stimulate a sense of openness, sharing and discovery about your family. The key is to listen!!

  • Have you ever been given a job you didn’t want to do? Why didn’t you want to do it? Did you do it?
  • Have you ever been afraid of something you were asked to do? What was it? Did you do it?
  • Share the best and worst thing that happened to you this week.


With your family read Mathew 28.16-20 (for a way of explaining/talking about this reading with children look at:

Questions for Discussion

  • What did the disciples do when they saw Jesus on the mountain?
  • Did all of them have faith?
  • What did Jesus tell the disciples to go and do?
  • Why do you think Jesus told them he would be with them till the end of the age? 

Prayer and Celebration

One way of praying is through song. You may be familiar with the song that goes:

Thank you God for giving us food.

Thank you God for giving us food.

Thank you God for giving us food

Right where we are.

Sing around your table and let members of your family substitute the word food for anything they would like to say thank you for.


Random Acts of Kindness

Children learn from the example of their parents. They will imitate what they see you do. As a parent how do you demonstrate service and kindness in your daily life. The other day I came across the random acts of kindness foundation. On one of their pages they have 350 kindness ideas.They include:

  • donate a book
  • offer a handyman a drink
  • bake a meal for someone
  • write a positive note to someone 

All of these are small things, but small thing make a difference.

Family Time

Opera or Drama

With your family make up an opera or a drama revolving around your family and the things that happen in it. What are some of the daily events that occur? What are some of the funny or interesting habits of your family members.

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