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to each according to their ability

Family resources leading to Sunday 15th November 2020

Twenty Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – Year A

Children need models more than they need critics.~Anon

Family Closeness


Tumbling Tower

Collect 10 to 20 empty boxes from your recycling bin (or other empty packages like juice bottles or egg cartons). Make sure they are completely empty and seal the topics with sticky tape. The first person picks a box and sets it in place. The next person puts a box on top of it and so on. Keep going until the tower falls over. The person who topples the tower is out and a new round begins.


  • What words do you like? Why do you like them? Is it the sound or what they mean or how they feel when you say them?
  • What is your favourite saying?
  • What words do you most like to hear?


With your family read: Matthew 25.14-30
Questions for Discussion:

  • What do you think of this story?
  • Why did one of the servants bury his talent?
  • What do you think is the message of this story?

Prayer and Celebration

North, South, East, West

Get a compass and a map and work out where North, South, East and West are. Find out what communities or countries are in those directions. Try and find out some of the needs of those places. When you pray face each of the different directions and pray for the needs of the places in those directions. This is something you might do over several weeks.

Bonus Family Activity

Dance Night

Find a dance video online and learn a new dance together.

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